Our Mission Statement:  Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH) is a local, faith-based organization dedicated to engaging the Montclair community to provide basic and essential services to Montclair’s most vulnerable homeless adults.

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About MESH Montclair


We may see them or we may avert our eyes so we don’t. There is population of homeless people living right in our midst in Montclair. They are our neighbors and they live on the streets. While the causes of their homelessness may be different, each of these people struggles with the basic challenges of living each day. Imagine not having an evening meal or easy access to fresh, clean water.  Imagine, too, how living becomes more dangerous and complicated when the weather becomes extremely hot or excessively cold.

At MESH, we engage the Montclair community to provide basic and essential services to Montclair's homeless and near-homeless adults. We serve evening meals six days each week and provide overnight respite in extreme weather.

To make these services a reality, we turn to you, our more fortunate neighbors. We need your time and/or your financial support to make this program possible. Please partner with us to help our most vulnerable neighbors. Together we can make a difference in the lives of Montclair's homeless people and in our community.