Our Mission Statement:  Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH) is a local, faith-based organization dedicated to engaging the Montclair community to provide basic and essential services to Montclair’s most vulnerable homeless adults.

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Mesh Cafe


The MESH Café evening meal program occurs nightly, Monday through Saturday, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. All Cafés personalize their delivery of hearty meals, comfort and inspirational conversation but often included with the meals are essential personal items, daily newspapers, live music, and wellness check-ins. From September to June, the Cafés feature an evening meal consisting of an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. During the summer months of July and August, the MESH Café operates three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) featuring a lighter fare of salads, sandwiches, casseroles and fruits. The MESH Cafés close for vacation beginning the fourth Monday of August and re-open on the second Monday in September each year.

The MESH Café program is a safe violence-free facility and strives to maintain an atmosphere of civility at all times. All guests are welcomed and required to sign-in upon admittance to the Café. Last call for dinner and seating is 7:15 pm. Weapons (guns, knifes etc) are not permitted under any circumstances. Persons entering the Café possessing these items will be asked to leave the premise and banned from future admittance. The MESH Café staff includes a professionally trained security person. A collaborative relationship with the Montclair Police department encourages their unannounced non-invasive tours of  the Café program. Every effort is made to provide guests arriving after 7:15pm with a take out meal or restaurant voucher when available. Detailed Café dining rules are displayed at every Café table and reviewed nightly.

Please find the monthly schedules here:

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MESH Cafe for Saturday October 21 will be held at

The Firehouse at 11 Pine Street in Montclair
from 5:30 to at 8:00pm.

An evening meal will not be served at Grace Presbyterian on Saturday, October 21, 2017.


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Overnight Respite

When temperatures drop to 20 degrees or below during the cold weather season or rise above 100 degrees during the warm weather season, MESH provides overnight respite for its neediest neighbors.

Information pertaining to Overnight respite nights can be found on this website, at the MESH Cafes, the Montclair Public Library, the Salvation Army, Toni's Kitchen, Mountainside Hospital and the Montclair Police department. Overnight respite doors open at 9pm. No guests are permitted after 11pm.